The Thunderclap Goes Live!

To mark the beginning of National Golf Month 2017 across social media, a Thunderclap has been created to help boost awareness of the #GirlsGetGolfing hashtag once the month gets underway.

Celebrities, supporting organisations, clubs, centres, pros and fans can now sign up to the thunderclap to show their support by clicking HERE. It will help create the biggest noise possible on social media and help to get more women on trying the game this May.


We want to create the loudest noise possible on social media ahead of National Golf Month to boost awareness and get as many people as possible booked on the course this May. Getting involved couldn’t be simpler – it takes 30 seconds.

Thunderclap is an app that allows organizations and their supporters to share a message on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr) automatically. That means that if you pledge your support, the Thunderclap app will automatically your #GirlsGetGolfing post with many others at 12pm GMT on the 28th April. Ask your friends, colleagues or family to do the same.


1. Join the campaign the top of the Thunderclap page, via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (or all of them!).

2. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

3. Show your support for National Golf Month from 1 May by using the hashtag #GirlsGetGolfing

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