National Golf Month Backs Golf Shows

National Golf Month is backing the Golf Shows, which are being hosted by American Golf, as a ‘great opportunity’ to get golf fans behind May’s National Golf Month campaign to get more women into the sport.

‘National Golf Month will be present at both the London and Manchester Golf Shows to promote this year’s campaign – #GirlsGetGolfing – which aims to attract more women into the game. We think the Shows are a great opportunity for golf fans and future golf fans to get to try the game. We will be at both shows with two of our female ‘ambassadors’ – Linda Segerstam and Felicity Dunderdale ’ – to promote May’s activities,’ said Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month.

The Golf Shows are being hosted in American Golf in conjunction with the European Tour and Sky. The first will take place at ExCeL London over The Masters weekend 7-9th April and the second will be in Manchester 28-30th April. They are free to attend.

Among the National Golf Month activities, Dunderdale will be at the Show to highlight how women represent a potential multi-million pound market for the golf industry and providing insight into understanding better how golf can overcome some of the barriers, which currently put women off the game.

Dunderdale will launch at the show Five Ways To Help #GirlsGetGolfing. 

Dunderdale said: ‘Golf is a fantastic game for women. And couples. But little things, which can be easily fixed, put off too many women. That’s why I am delighted to fly the flag for National Golf Month and launch my ‘Five Top Tips’ at the Show.’

Linda Segerstam, fitness guru and golf Pilates expert, is also at the Golf Show. She will be supporting National Golf Month and highlighting the health and fitness benefits of the game as well as promoting her own ‘Pilates for Golf’ courses.

Segerstam said: ‘Golf is the new ‘10,000’ steps. A round of golf can burn 500 calories and help get you in shape. Better still, with the right exercise, it’s a sport you can play well into later life to a time when others sports would be impossible. For women, I think it can be a great social experience, too. Many of my clients love the variety of formats you can play which means you don’t have to be super competitive. Or even that skilled!’

Poole said: ‘I want to thank American Golf, Linda and Felicity for their support at the Show and for their efforts to help make National Golf Month a success. I hope that everyone visiting the Show will come to the Fitness and Wellbeing Area or come listen to their talks.’

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