By encouraging as many women as possible to visit your club or centre to experience the best of what our sport can offer, you can play a part in growing our sport and growing your business.

National Golf Month will be promoted by a national marketing campaign focused on encouraging women of all ages to visit this website, check out what is on offer in their area and book a session. This provides you with a perfect platform to showcase your club or centre.

Research indicates that many women perceive golf to be expensive and time-consuming. We therefore think the simplest way to attract new female participants to the sport is to provide free, one-hour taster sessions, exclusively for groups of women. It is entirely up to you how and when you run these sessions, but we would like every pros, clubs and centres to commit to a minimum of two one-hour group sessions during National Golf Month.

We also want to encourage other interesting and innovative ways to attract more female participants. This might include offering back to golf sessions, encouraging existing club members to invite their wives, daughters, partners or female friends to join them on a round of golf or running social events. Post the details on this website and we will do the rest.