National Golf Month Supporters line up in Celebrity Golf Competition

Two of National Golf Month’s female ambassadors are set to take part in this week’s famous Celebrity Pro-Am at the BMW Championship at Wentworth.

The BBC’s Naga Munchetty and talkSPORT’s Georgie Bingham will tee off this Wednesday alongside the model and golf enthusiast Jodie Kidd in a star-studded line up.

All three are keen golfers and have made appearances at the celebrity tournament before.

The Celebrity Pro-Am competition on Wednesday 24 May traditionally kicks off ahead of the professional tournament on the Thursday, which this year will feature the likes of Justin Rose and Ian Poulter.

A raft of male celebrities, including National Golf Month supporters Dan Walker and Brian McFadden, will take part in a competition that includes a series of former footballers and media personalities.

‘The Celebrity Pro-Am is a terrific way to help introduce the merits of golf to a new audience, who are keen to see some of their favourite TV personalities and sporting superheroes in action. The fact that we have such a strong cohort of female celebrities in action is a bonus and can only be a good thing,’ said Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month.

Among the other confirmed celebrities include:
• Peter Schmeichel, the former Manchester United goalkeeper and Danish international
• Piers Morgan, currently a presenter on ITV
• Shane Warne, former Australian Cricketer
• Ian Botham, former England Cricketer
• Ryan Giggs, former Manchester United footballer and Welsh international

Poole was keen to thank Naga Munchetty and Georgie Bingham for their three years of support for National Golf Month. ‘It’s great to be able to attract two such fantastic role models to first back the initiative at the outset and then go on and play on such a high-profile stage at towards the backend of the campaign,’ he said.


National Golf Month reaches record number of people on social media

Pictured: Denise van Outen

National Golf Month, the annual campaign aimed at increasing participation in golf, has achieved record levels of success on social media.

With the help of celebrity ambassadors, which include Georgie Bingham, Denise van Outen, Dan Walker and Charley Hull, the #GirlsGetGolfing hashtag has reached nearly 3 million people across various social media platforms – smashing last year’s performance of 1.5 million.

The marketing initiative, coordinated by the British Golf Industry Association, has also been supported with radio and print media advertising from over the duration of the month, with the total reach for the campaign exceeding 10 million.

The campaign was kick-started with a social media ‘thunderclap’ on 28 April, which attracted simultaneous support from Ryder Cup winning golfer Paul McGinley, England Golf (the sport’s governing body) and government funding agency Sport England. Golf clubs, pros and centres up and down the country have since used the hashtag to help recruit more participants to the sport.

Doug Poole, the BGIA’s project director for National Golf Month said, ‘The reaction to this year’s campaign has been overwhelming. The Thunderclap helped us reach new heights and gave us the boost we needed right from the get-go. To have such an eclectic range of supporters, from new participants, to celebrities, to golf clubs, really helped put #GirlsGetGolfing on the social media map.’

Pictured: Mel Reid

Mel Reid, the English Ladies’ European Tour golfer who has achieved success so far in 2017, talked to Talksport’s Georgie Bingham and Tony Cascarino on the Weekend Breakfast show about opportunities to get involved in golf via the website.

Further highlights from the first 10 days of the campaign include:
• The BBC’s Dan Walker and former Westlife band member Brian McFadden have pledged their support towards the campaign.
• 35 national and regional radio stations have featured adverts promoting National Golf Month in the lead up to and during May.
• Adverts and editorial features in female lifestyle publications focusing on the health benefits of golf, including Yours and Top Santé.
• An online advertising campaign with ads featured on websites including GolfShake, GolfALot and Golf Empire.

Poole continued, ‘We hope our marketing campaign, which is free for clubs and pros to take part in to grow their businesses, will go some way to helping increase female participation. There’s still bags of time for the industry to get behind this initiative and upload taster sessions via


National Golf Month 2017 kickstarts this Bank Holiday Weekend

National Golf Month, a nationwide effort to inspire more women to try golf this May and address golf’s gender imbalance, kicks off this weekend.

Free taster sessions exclusively for women are being offered by clubs, centres and pros across the country. New participants search for and book these taster sessions via Participants and clubs can use the hashtag #GirlsGetGolfing throughout the month on social media to share their experiences on course and in ranges across the UK.

Figures from Sport England, show just 14% of players in England are female. Existing players are being asked to bring along family members and new players to their local clubs and centres to try golf.

Brian McFadden, a keen player who achieved global success as a member the band Westlife and is now part of the duo Boyzlife, is backing the campaign. He said, “I think it’s so important to stress that golf can be enjoyed in mixed groups – it’s one of the few activities which men and women can play together. Not only that, you can all club together and enjoy a laugh as you go around the course and hit a few balls. Boyzlife are well and truly behind #GirlsGetGolfing!”

Among the other celebrities to have added their backing to the campaign the BBC’s Dan Walker and Naga Munchetty. Ladies European Tour pros Charley Hull and Mel Reid as spokespeople, whilst broadcasters Henni Zuel (Sky Sports) and Georgie Bingham (TalkSport) have declared their support.

The campaign aims to showcase the social and health benefits from playing the game as a means of promoting the game. Research carried out jointly by the World Golf Foundation and the University of Edinburgh last year found that playing golf made you live longer. Among the findings:
• A total energy expenditure between 531–2467 calories can be achieved over 18 holes and a walking distance between 11,245 and 16,667 steps
• The physical activity benefits associated with golf, such as releases mood-enhancing endorphins, can help reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.
• Golf could help women prevent and treat more than 40 major chronic diseases such as breast cancer, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.

“The This Girl Can campaign has shown that women are willing to get active and try new sports. We’re saying: golf is the new Zumba – it’s great way of getting fit. This campaign is all about making the game more accessible, to more women and getting them to play more often. If we can boost the number of women who play the sport, then we can also revitalize the playing base of the sport through increased family participation too,” said Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month.

It is hoped that this year’s campaign will address key barriers currently preventing women from starting the game in the first place, as highlighted by Syngenta’s recent research: the cost of taster sessions, easy access and the chance to try the game with their friends.

Bauer Media have renewed their sponsorship of National Golf Month which will provide the campaign with radio and print exposure across several of their titles including Top Santé and Yours, two of their major publications, both of which have substantial female readerships.


National Golf Month 2017: Media Pack

National Golf Month starts this Bank Holiday Monday.


Below you can download useful media materials for clubs, centres and pros to use throughout the duration of May to support promotional efforts of the campaign, as well as useful contacts.






You can get involved with National Golf Month on Twitter and Facebook.

Search for ‘National Golf Month’ and use the hashtag #GirlsGetGolfing to promote your different events.



This logo can be used on websites and in local promotional materials to help boost awareness of the campaign and opportunities for new participants to get involved.





Example images of group taster sessions.






We have compiled a list of health facts about why golf is healthy. These facts come from research commissioned by the the World Golf Foundation and published in the British Medical Journal in October 2016.





All British Golf Industry Association related matters: Doug Poole, Project Director:


Former Westlife Star gets behind National Golf Month

Former Westlife member and enthusiastic golfer Brian McFadden has pledged his support for National Golf Month.

The singer, who achieved global success with Westlife with songs including ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Queen of My Heart’, stressed the importance of growing female participation for the health of the game in the UK.

McFadden is currently on tour with former Boyzone band member Keith Duffy as part of the duo Boyzlife. They will be in London for a show on 29 April, the weekend prior to National Golf Month kicking off on the May bank holiday.

McFadden said, “I think it’s so important to stress that golf can be enjoyed in mixed groups – its one of the few activities which men and women can play together. Not only that, you can all club together and enjoy a laugh as you go around the course and hit a few balls. Boyzlife are well and truly behind #GirlsGetGolfing!”

He is the latest of a long list of celebrities to have pledged their support towards the campaign, which includes the BBC’s Naga Munchetty and Dan Walker, TalkSport’s Georgie Bingham and host of current and former pro golfers, including Charley Hull.

Doug Poole, project director of National Golf Month, said: ‘This is a man who has sold millions of records around the world who’s a great lover of golf, but also a keen believer in our campaign focus this year.’

National Golf Month takes place in May every year. It is an annual campaign coordinated by the British Golf Industry Association aimed at growing grassroots participation in the sport. Clubs, centres and pros have been encouraged to create and deliver free, innovative taster sessions aimed at new and lapsed female golfers.

Planned promotional activities include the #GirlsGetGolfing social media campaign, online advertising as well as nationwide radio advertising, provided by Bauer Media, which will run through the course of the month.

According to official statistics from Sport England, just 14% of active golfers in England are female, with the ratio being even lower in Wales. Furthermore, research carried out by Syngenta has found that new female participants are most attracted to free opportunities to get involved in golf.

Poole continued, ‘We’re aiming to get as many women on the course as possible this May. The profile and boost he gives the campaign goes a long way to helping us achieve that.’ Poole continued.

“The #GirlsGetGolfing social media campaign is already underway with loads of events already lined up for May. All players, whether they are new to the game or a seasoned pro, are being encouraged to use the hashtag to share their experiences through the month.”

National Golf Month Appoints Poet to Inspire Golf Participation

National Golf Month has appointed poet Oliver Comins to be its ‘Golf Laureate’ to inspire people to take up the game, which he himself loves and which has inspired one of his own collections, ‘Battling Against the Odds’.

This is the first time a poet has been appointed to promote National Golf Month.

National Golf Month, which runs through this May, is an annual campaign backed by the British Golf Industry Association and leading players, such as Paul McGinley.

This year the campaign – #GirlsGetGolfing – has leading female players Charlie Hull and Mel Reid leading a drive (pun intended) to get women and girls to try the sport. Currently, women make up less than 20% of the British golf playing population.

Comins, whose poems have been published in the Spectator and Poetry Review, was inspired to take up the game by his next door neighbour Agnes Booth, whom he celebrates in the poem ‘Rose Bed, Wisteria and Apple Trees’.

The poem, which is available on the National Golf Month web site, has been chosen by National Golf Month as its ‘Campaign Poem’ to recognise the vital role that women have and can play in getting young people – be they boys or girls – to take up the game.

Comins said: ‘Golf is a sport, which inspires me as a poet. And ‘Rose Bed’ is a eulogy to Agnes’ tireless encouragement. As well as teaching me the mechanics of a golf swing, she also immersed me in the spirit of the game. She’d be delighted to see her efforts celebrated this way and the idea of #girlsgetgolfing’, too.’

Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month said, ‘Up and down the country, every week, lots of women work to get kids into golf. This fantastic poem recognises and celebrates those efforts.’

‘Behind the poetry is a serious point – family, friends and mums and dads are critical to getting kids involved in our great sport. Our message is this. In May, get your boys and girls out there on the nearest course or driving range and give golf a go.’


Rose Bed, Wisteria and Apple Trees

Agnes Booth fl. 1925 to 1985


She started with the grip. A difficult pact,
to make the fingers overlap and educate
each part of my hand to fulfil its role.
A Vardon Grip she called it, remembered
watching him play in Coventry:
his clean striking of the golf ball,
those sharp tweeds and cap.

We were hitting perforated balls
in the sunshine of my tenth year.
She clipped them neatly over
the rose bed and each one landed
on, or just beside, an enamel bowl
left out below the kitchen wall.
At the beginning, my wrists and hands
didn’t help each other. Eventually,
they found the feel we sought
to reach within the shaft and flick
the club head through an arc
sweet enough to send, first,
one yearning ball and then another
hanging a moment in summer air
before hitting the cat’s dish target
with a welcome ting.

Her family name featured quite often
on club honours boards down the earlier years.
All those trophies won and offices held
as three generations followed each other
through the locker rooms.
At twelve years old and carrying
a set of cut-down, ancient irons,
this boy’s zigzag compared badly
with her measured progress
straight down the fairway’s middle.
Two quick putts and she was done.
My adventures on those adult greens
took longer – a question of speed,
and an absence of judgement.

Nurtured parkland bathed in sepia wash.
I imagine her experience at the time
of a sparsely peopled weekday course
filled with the aura of family and friends.
And if my memory now seems blurred,
perhaps it is the enduring effect
of that purple haze around her 1920’s villa,
its mauve painted pebbledash amplified
each spring by a rampant wisteria.

So here I am some forty years later,
standing by the vegetable patch
at the back of our garden and looking across
the fence at a crop of green apples
on long September branches.
I climbed there a few times to help her
by picking the fruit. Later in the day,
she’d share the bounty in carrier bags,
left discretely on certain neighbours’ doorsteps.

Somewhere in the loft I still have
her John Letters ‘Howitzer’ wedge.
It stayed in my bag a full twenty years
after she died. And when I gave myself
the time, I’d feel her hands guide mine,
swinging to lift the ball high and land soft
on greens where my deep-milled offset putter,
with all its high tech weights and angles,
might have made me almost as competent
as she was – with that hickory shafted
jazz-age blade, one glance enough
for her to find an almost perfect line.

Templar Poetry is an innovative independent publisher founded in 2005 and based in the heart of Derbyshire.  Fifteen or more new titles are launched annually during a special annual publishing event, The Derwent Poetry Festival, at Masson Mills, Matlock Bath and through regular Poetry Live Readings in London at Keats House.  Templar Poetry offers submission opportunities for new and established poets through three pamphlet awards, the annual Straid Collection Award and the long established magazine iOTA Poetry.  All of Templar’s publications are available from good bookshops and online directly from Templar or from our Amazon Bookstore.

MPs declare support for National Golf Month

Politicians have clubbed together to support this year’s National Golf Month, which will this year focus on getting more women trying the game for the first time this May.

Politicians declared their support for the #GirlsGetGolfing initiative on social media and supported calls for golf clubs and pros to register ‘taster’ sessions aimed at getting more women on the course.

Karl McCartney MP, Member of Parliament for Lincoln and Group Co-Chairman said “The Parliamentary Golf Group is committed to growing the game in all corners of the United Kingdom, so we are delighted to fully support this #GirlsGetGolfing campaign.”

“14% of golf participants in the UK are women compared to up to 35% in countries such as Germany and Sweden. Encouraging more women and girls to play golf is not only a challenge but represents a massive opportunity for clubs to exploit this gap in the market, and provide more opportunities for women and girls to take part in physical activity.

“There simply hasn’t been a better time be involved in the sport. Golf is a great game that can be enjoyed with friends or family, and women should seek out opportunities taking place in their local area.”

Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month said: ‘I want to thank the Parliamentary Group for Golf for their support. To have their backing is a massive boost as we draw closer towards the start of the campaign. Together with high-profile pro golfers who are already on board and the hundreds of clubs and pros who are helping to support the campaign at the grassroots level, I have every confidence that this National Golf Month will be the best one yet.’

The British Golf Industry Association, the organisers of the #GirlsGetGolfing campaign, are an associate member of the Parliamentary Golf Group.

‘The campaign first and foremost about banging the drum about the health and social benefits that our game has to offer and using that to help grow grassroots participation. But it’s also about mobilising clubs and pros up and down the country to create and deliver innovative opportunities to attract more female golfers. There is still time for clubs, centres and pros to register bespoke, free taster sessions for people to book via the website.’ Poole continued.

New participants interested in playing the game during May can now visit to search for taster sessions taking place in their local area.


Ladies European Tour pros get behind National Golf Month

Charley Hull, England’s number one ranked golfer and a member of professional golf’s Ladies European Tour, is backing this year’s National Golf Month’s 2017 efforts to get more women playing the sport.

National Golf Month (NGM) is happening this May in the UK. It will focus on promoting the health, wellbeing and social benefits of the sport to women and is offering thousands of opportunities for women and girls up and down the country to try the game for free, if they register on National Golf Month’s web site (at

Charley, who is acting as an ambassador for NGM, said: “National Golf Month is a great opportunity for professionals on the Tour to showcase the sport at grass roots level and to help drive interest in our great game. I’d encourage everyone who’s interested in giving golf a try to sign up for the campaign on the website.  From there they can share their experience and help spread the word!”

Mark Lichtenhein, Chairman of the Ladies European Tour, said, “National Golf Month is about getting women and girls to try the game for the first time. As a professional tour, our members recognise their role in growing the game throughout the world and inspiring the next generation of female players to play the sport.

“Golf’s return to the Olympic Games last year underlined just how golf has grown into a mainstream participation sport. And with fitness experts agreed that walking is the best possible exercise for all ages, golf is also one of the best ways to stay healthy!”

Ladies European Tour pros Charley Hull and Mel Reid are both backing this year’s campaign. Other UK members of the Tour will encourage clubs and pros to schedule their own “taster” sessions via the by promoting the site on social media.

May marks the beginning of a two month programme for the promotion of women’s golf by the Ladies European Tour, working with the sport’s other governing bodies. At the beginning of June the Tour’s headquarters at The Buckinghamshire will host the European qualifying tournament for this year’s U.S. Women’s Open (to be held at Bedminster, New Jersey, from July 10-16), where the best players will have an opportunity to earn a qualifying spot for the major championship.

TV Presenter Dan Walker Gets Behind Initiative to Help Girls Get Golfing

TV presenter and golf fanatic Dan Walker has added his support to National Golf Month, the annual campaign aimed at growing participation.

Walker, who plays with a low-handicap and writes a column for Golf Monthly, will support the #GirlsGetGolfing initiative through social media.

Talking about his love of the game, Walker said, “I love the dedication needed to get better, that rush you get on the first tee and watching the pros make it look easy. I love the smell of the grass, the camaraderie, the tension, the fear, the technology and that one shot you hit which keeps you coming back!”

Walker joins a list of celebrities who have already declared their backing for the campaign, including England’s number one golfer Charley Hull, Ryder Cup winning Captain Paul McGinely, Ladies European Tour Pro Mel Reid and fellow TV presenter Naga Munchetty.

Speaking about Walker’s support, Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month said: “Dan’s a mad-keen golfer, a great personality and wonderful advocate for our drive to get more women on the courses and in the ranges.’

National Golf Month will this year focus on offering opportunities for new female participants to try golf, with thousands of taster session spaces available for new participants to search for and book via

Poole continued, “To have his support, together with the plethora of opportunities on offer for clubs, centres and pros to grow their golf businesses, it shows that momentum for the campaign is really building as we edge closer to May. There is still time to get involved and create innovative taster sessions to help bring our sport to new audiences.”

National Golf Month Backs Golf Shows

National Golf Month is backing the Golf Shows, which are being hosted by American Golf, as a ‘great opportunity’ to get golf fans behind May’s National Golf Month campaign to get more women into the sport.

‘National Golf Month will be present at both the London and Manchester Golf Shows to promote this year’s campaign – #GirlsGetGolfing – which aims to attract more women into the game. We think the Shows are a great opportunity for golf fans and future golf fans to get to try the game. We will be at both shows with two of our female ‘ambassadors’ – Linda Segerstam and Felicity Dunderdale ’ – to promote May’s activities,’ said Doug Poole, Project Director of National Golf Month.

The Golf Shows are being hosted in American Golf in conjunction with the European Tour and Sky. The first will take place at ExCeL London over The Masters weekend 7-9th April and the second will be in Manchester 28-30th April. They are free to attend.

Among the National Golf Month activities, Dunderdale will be at the Show to highlight how women represent a potential multi-million pound market for the golf industry and providing insight into understanding better how golf can overcome some of the barriers, which currently put women off the game.

Dunderdale will launch at the show Five Ways To Help #GirlsGetGolfing. 

Dunderdale said: ‘Golf is a fantastic game for women. And couples. But little things, which can be easily fixed, put off too many women. That’s why I am delighted to fly the flag for National Golf Month and launch my ‘Five Top Tips’ at the Show.’

Linda Segerstam, fitness guru and golf Pilates expert, is also at the Golf Show. She will be supporting National Golf Month and highlighting the health and fitness benefits of the game as well as promoting her own ‘Pilates for Golf’ courses.

Segerstam said: ‘Golf is the new ‘10,000’ steps. A round of golf can burn 500 calories and help get you in shape. Better still, with the right exercise, it’s a sport you can play well into later life to a time when others sports would be impossible. For women, I think it can be a great social experience, too. Many of my clients love the variety of formats you can play which means you don’t have to be super competitive. Or even that skilled!’

Poole said: ‘I want to thank American Golf, Linda and Felicity for their support at the Show and for their efforts to help make National Golf Month a success. I hope that everyone visiting the Show will come to the Fitness and Wellbeing Area or come listen to their talks.’